Google Finance?

Google vs Yahoo!Is there a limit to too much diversity in a company’s product and service offerings?

Rumors are circulating (B2DAY & SiliconBeat) that Google is gearing up to launch Google Finance. Why? For a good old fashion joust with Yahoo! Finance of course. It’s not enough that the Big G has gone head to head with the Big Y! on pretty much everything else so far…if one is to dominate the world, one must have a financial portal.

But honestly, is it really necessary for Google to continue to branch out? News, email, shopping, and a host of other features dot the offerings of this once minimalistic and simple-yet-powerful search engine. When do we talk about brand dilution? About overcommitment? About the fact that a slightly more 2005-era design treatment to the Big G’s properties might be more welcome than simply one more financial portal, which really only saves me the effort of dropping down that bookmark…

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3 thoughts on “Google Finance?”

  1. I hope that google can put out a finance page, so that I can follow the stock market more closely. It would also help if google could include the index of the dow, nasdaq, and the tse…

  2. I imagine that whatever Google comes up with will be very useful and powerful. However, I’m still waiting for the service to be a necessity, at least for me. If I used Gmail and didn’t have Google’s search box integrated into my browser, I might be more interested in using the site as a consolidated information center. As it is (for my uses) it seems to be just another service that has to play catch-up with what is already out there.

    But the same could have been said about ‘search’ when Google first hit the scene…

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