—— Helping Donors Get Results ——
Helping Donors Get Results

Philanthropy is a powerful tool. Used well, we know it can change lives, communities and the world for the better, now and for years to come.

Who We Serve


We work with individuals, families, foundations, and businesses who want to see positive results with their charitable giving. We help you clarify your vision, develop strategy and measure progress.

Foundation Officers

We help you develop, review, assess and refine your foundation’s giving portfolio to better actualize the donor’s wishes and get results.

Financial Advisors

We work with financial managers, wealth advisors and family enterprise advisors to help their clients achieve their charitable vision and objectives through thoughtful planning, training, analysis and development of performance measures.

Focus on Results. Actionable Advice.

Independent and Experienced.


“We love working with Tracy and Maurice. With their help, we have focused our philanthropic direction and explored new, innovative initiatives. The needs in our community are so great; yet, our resources are limited. They help keep us on track so that we use our resources most effectively.”

– Ann and Kenneth Baum

“Tracy and Maurice took the time to understand the varied perspectives between the generations and between different branches of our extended family and helped us realize our shared values. With sensitivity to the complexities of our family and the needs of the organizations we support, they developed recommendations to strengthen our grantmaking and deepen the impact.”

– Debbie Sosland-Edelman, Sosland Foundation

“What a pleasure it has been to work with the Credo team. First of all, they listen and ask questions that challenge our thinking around where we want to go with our grantmaking. In particular, we value their thoughtful and candid assessments of how we can achieve lasting solutions to needs in our community, including those of the most disadvantaged.”

– Mayra Aguirre, Hall Family Foundation

“Tracy and Maurice worked closely with us over several years and understood us and our unique culture as a family-led foundation. Credo is relationship-focused, not transactional, and they used their insights about us to help us improve our governance and advance our strategic direction. We are stronger and more effective as a result of our partnership with Credo.”

– Clay Patterson, Patterson Family Foundation