Giving FAQs

Giving away money with purpose and impact isn’t easy. Here are some questions you might have as you think about giving.

Where Do I Start?

  • There are many community needs and problems. How do I determine which ones are the most pressing?
  • There are many worthy organizations needing support, but my resources are limited. I need help deciding what to fund.
  • How can I ensure that I’ve asked the right questions and received the information necessary to evaluate the organization or initiative seeking my support?

I’ve given the money, now what do I do?

  • How can I be sure the organization is not just telling me what it thinks I want to hear?
  • I have been funding this organization for a long time. Is it time for a change?

How can I tell if my giving makes a difference?

  • Several other funders have discontinued support for this organization/project/initiative. What should I do?
  • How do I tell whether the organization I have historically supported is continuing to have impact by adapting as community and societal needs change?
  • I’m giving to many different organizations. Should I make larger grants to fewer grantees and to have greater impact on the issue/s I care most about?
We can help you navigate these issues. Our approach is to work with you to understand the issues, build strong relationships with stakeholders, develop actionable strategies and assess progress toward impact.